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Fun Facts About Painting
Q. Who made the first paintbrush?
A. This invention seems to be credited to General Meng Tian of the Qin Dynasty from around 300 BC. He was inspired by the art of calligraphy.

Q. What was prehistoric paint made of?
A. Ancient people decorated their cave walls with paint made from soil and charcoal combined with saliva and animal fat.

Q. When were acrylic paints made?
A. Acrylics were first used commercially back in the 1950s. This mineral and spirit-based paint was called magna and was created by Leonard Bocour.

Q. Why do painters wear white?
A. Painters began wearing white the 1900s to match buildings that were mainly whitewashed. The white clothes would hide the white paint splotches. White is also a symbol of cleanliness.