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To add elegance to your home or restore the beautiful plaster features your home once had, call Omni Painting, Plastering & Pressure Washing. We've been improving the look of the area's finer homes for over 30 years. Contact us today for a FREE estimate, and ask about flexible scheduling.

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Fun Facts About Plastering
Q. When was plaster invented?
A. This highly decorative material, once called scagliola, was invented by Bavarian stuccoists in the 1700s. It was made of gypsum plaster, animal glue, and pigments to mimic colored marble.

Q. When did drywall replace plaster?
A. In the mid-1900s, today's drywall and plasterboard replaced older techniques such as lath and plaster that were used for interior walls and ceilings through the earlier part of the century.

Q. What is plaster made of?
A. Plaster is a pasty mix of lime or gypsum, water, and sand. It hardens as it dries on walls, ceilings, and partitions. It is one of the oldest building methods.

Q. What is Venetian plaster made of?
A. Traditional Venetian plaster is a lime putty made with marble flour and aged with slaked lime. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans enjoyed the beauty of polished lime plaster.