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Pressure Washing

Clean and Protect Your Home

Your home will likely be your biggest investment, and you can protect that investment with expert pressure washing. You'll get honest, meticulous, and detail-oriented service at fully insured and bonded prices, and we stand behind every job we do. Contact Omni Painting, Plastering & Pressure Washing today.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Include

Fun Facts of Pressure Washing
Q. Who invented the pressure washer?
A. Alfred Kärcher invented the high-pressure washer in 1950. However, Frank Ofeldt claimed to have created a steam pressure washer called "High-Pressure Jenny" in 1927.

Q. How fast can water spray out of a pressure washer?
A. With a flow rate of three gallons per minute, a typical 0-degree nozzle, and a 0.052″ opening, the water speed out the nozzle is about 243 mph.

Q. How long does it take to pressure wash a home?
A. Most homes are pressure washed anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

Q. What do the colors mean on pressure washer nozzles?
A. The red nozzle delivers a small, concentrated stream of water. The black nozzle is a low-pressure detergent nozzle.